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Advice on finding the right instrument

At Musical Instrument Market our aim is to match buyers with sellers. If you are searching for the right instrument, remember to take plenty of time in searching our collection of instruments. For adverts placed on our pages there are contact forms and a direct messaging system available to reach sellers on. For any listings external to this site, you can click on the ‘external listing’ link and it’ll take you to the relevant website for further contact information.

Our website is here to help you find the correct instrument, but remember that you must be diligent to ensure that the instrument you are buying is playing as advertised and not in need of more repair work than the buyer may be aware of.

If you are in the position of taking regular music lessons, one approach which is often taken is to ask your teacher to evaluate the instrument for you. Often sellers will allow you to take the instrument for a short period on trial but this is something that you must negotiate with the private seller or instrument dealer in question.

If you see an advert on our site and have any questions about its accuracy then do always contact us we will be happy to assist. There are options to report a listing on each advert should you have any suspicions about the accuracy and legality of the advert.